Hey guys. From now on my blog will be available here


I will try to update it more often with more rough sketches and process stuff. 
I won't close blogger one, so you could always check it as an archive.

Also I want to share some exciting news with you.

I was invited by Tina Price to take part in this year's edition of  CtnX animation expo in Burbank, CA! If you will be in the area drop by to check what I got to say about my works. I will also draw some stuff live and in general walk around with my jaw dropped while appreciating work of so many great artists from all around the world who annually meet up in Burbank. 




Illustrations made for DF magazine. Cover and spread. For an article about changes in Polish language. AD: Magda Mamajek.


No smoging

Recent two pieces for DF mag.



Polish devils for DF magazine. AD: Magda Mamajek.

and one more recent piece, Agency Lost, DF mag. For a coverage on spies who, with cashiers help stole from their own agency: